Tuesday, March 25, 2014

training for a 5K

I bet that title got some people's attention.

Especially if you know me at all.

I do not run.  A few of my close friends in the past have spent time trying to "teach" me to run.  They were great teachers but apparently I am not a quick study.  Obviously, running is NOT like riding a bike since once you learn to ride a bike you never forget. I know I must have ran as a child. At the very least I spent a year as a 2 year old once and I needed to run away from my parents

I always joke, "if you see me running something is probably chasing me."

Which led me to this fabulous idea regarding training for a 5K.  The research into this has been low I will admit.  It's really just in the planning stages at this point. 

All kidding aside there probably are people out there who research what motivates people to run.  They probably have all the great ideas of having the race support a good cause, giving out t-shirts and free snacks at the end, trophies and medals....

However, I think of those things and my affinity for running does not increase at all.  Am I a heartless person who doesn't care if we find a cure for cancer or free prisoners in other countries or save cute little puppies?  I don't think so. In fact, I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone who would say "no, I think cancer is cool, those prisoners are getting what they deserve and I'll just take those puppies out myself {insert evil laugh here}."

So, I've come with up with THE motivational tool that I think will finally work for me.  It didn't just come to me, I've been saying it all along!

I referred to it above and you probably thought I was just kidding.

Here's how it would go:

{Race advertisement shows a ferocious bear (or tiger) growling with it's mouth open, sharp teeth exposed and dripping saliva to show you are about to be the next meal.}

Want to lose a few pounds but not your life?
Want to test your fight or flight response as you are getting up in age?
Come to the race of your life! Literally.

Then when the actual race day arrived, the animal handler who has kept food from their beast would be at the starting line.  Now don't freak out...the animal would be in a cage. 

Until the starting whistle...then the gates would open on the beast and off we would all go!

I understand that this may seem a little drastic, or possibly that it might terrorize the fans that have come to watch (maybe not if you've met the Romans).  For those of you who may not be 100 percent on board we will still offer a t-shirt and medal at the end.  It's not like we would have to really buy that many...{insert evil laugh again}.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

F-L-O-T-E spells FLOAT


This is just a small glimpse of what "school" looks like for us.  The thing about homeschooling that is so precious is it encompasses all of a child's life.  Foster and I were doing a spelling lesson so he was the main focus at the moment, but Katie wandered in and I told her she could work on her handwriting and Explode the Code.  The three little boys were doing their own thing with Legos which led them to want to find a rope so they could play "buddy fishing".  Our two-year old Jonah was sounding out words with Foster before I started shooting this video, then he was just climbing on the table and enjoying being a part of our conversation.

Teaching at home allows kids to joke with their siblings or parent while they make mistakes on a lesson.  If I had a video of my 10-year-old self in the classroom setting I was in, there would have been rows of desks, posted rules and regulations and A LOT of "be quiet" and "stay in your seat". 

There would not have been laughing at my mistakes and being able to change them immediately. There definitely wouldn't have been challenging HOW a word is spelled and debating the fact that F-L-O-T-E does in fact spell float.

A child that is taught at home gets to stay in their pajamas on rainy mornings and play Legos for 2 hours before writing a word. They get to watch their dog chase a stink bug on the floor and laugh with their family.

Home education is a priceless privilege and gift.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Foster is 10

Getting some extra Wii time the morning of his 10th birthday.

Cake that Foster and Daddy picked out during their special Daddy/Foster time.

And she really is! She took half of the money from her piggy bank ($21) to put in the
birthday card she had made for Foster.  She loves her big brother so much.

That's almost a real smile!

Photo by Katie

Photo by Katie

Photo by Katie

Lego Minecraft = Mommy made a great choice!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bugs don't float

I'm not sure if this is the exact commercial but it reminds me of my dad.  He has always told me these great stories about the years he spent growing up in Africa.  One of my favorites is about when he and some of his buddies actually drove a VW bug into the water after seeing this commercial in the States.

He said it didn't work of course.  Hard lesson learned!